Valley Rush is one of Southern California’s premier youth sports organizations.  We offer a year-round selection of sports including track & field, football, cheerleading and basketball.  We welcome athletes from the ages of 4-17 to participate in our programs.

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Track & Field

San Fernando Valley Rush is Southern California’s premier youth track and field club. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the physical fitness, mental stamina, and team building skills of children ages 4-18, regardless of ability.

The mission of SFV Rush is to cultivate an organization and a community with a primary focus on creating a positive, confidence-building and disciplined environment to assist, train, and mentor children from diverse backgrounds to their greatest athletic potential. Along with over a decade of training and coaching lies a passion for helping children achieve their life goals and dreams through sportsmanship and high standards of excellence. We are committed to better the lives of families by providing an outlet for a healthy and active lifestyle, safe environment and family-friendly atmosphere where children from all backgrounds are driven to be their best.

The SFV Rush program has been designed by knowledgeable and experienced coaches to teach children ages 4 – 18 proper fundamentals and technique of every element of track and field, from sprinting and relays to distance running to a variety of field events. With supervised practices, the athletes are then able to learn what they are taught and provided the opportunity and guidance to correct any deficiencies. As many of our athletes can tell you, Coach Terrell’s favorite saying is, “practice makes permanent.”

The culmination of the efforts of the hard work and dedication of the coaches and athletes results in a friendly competition with other Valley Youth Conference track and field teams.

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Speed Training

Generating success often relies on the groundwork that is laid in the off-season and pre-season. Coach Terrell, president of San Fernando Valley Rush, has put together a new speed and agility program geared for athletes looking to produce at the next level. This program allows athletes to enhance all the skills needed for sports: coordination, agility, acceleration, speed, power, balance and reaction.

The combination of speed, agility and speed endurance an athlete requires is determined by his or her sport.  However, regardless of the event, there are several methods of training that are integral to developing a fast athlete.  Although developing speed and agility is a long-term process, every step will help you gain an advantage over your competition.  For youth athletes this involves focusing on:

  • Proper acceleration, sprinting, and change-of-direction mechanics/technique
  • Single and double leg strength and explosive power
  • Good mobility (functional flexibility), especially in the hips and ankles
  • Core stability and body control in all planes
  • Speed and agility in sport-specific movements
  • Pattern recognition and the ability to anticipate and react to cues

Coach Terrell’s training clinics are designed for the whole family and covers:

  • Strength Training
  • Power & Plyometrics
  • Speed Training
  • Lateral Skills & Agility
  • Vertical Jump Technique
  • Ladder Drills
  • Core Training
  • Form & Technique
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