Hey RushFam!

We are aware of the projected high temperatures in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys this weekend and at this time are not anticipating cancelling any of our games.

While the circumstances are not ideal, we deal with this issue at least once every year and will be following CIF guidelines to prepare accordingly.  Below are some of the precautions that we will have in place for each team:

  • At each game we will have canopies along the sideline for full coverage of the entire team
  • At least 2 misting fans misting cold water on the players
  • Sophomore parent Adrian Luna is graciously providing a generator that will power two industrial fans that will be placed along the sideline, as well as charge the batteries for the misting fans
  • We will be cooling the players with towels on their necks while they are on the sidelines
  • There will be at least 1 officials time out each quarter for a water break

It is imperative that you start hydrating your athlete today and not wait until tomorrow to have them start drinking water. 

To keep the players as cool as possible, I am asking that at whatever game/s you attend to please bring extra water and ice so that we don’t run out. We anticipate using at least 3-4 times as much water and ice as we do in a regular game. 

Additionally, if you have an extra canopy or cooler that we could use, please let your team manager know and bring it to the sideline.  Please label any items that you bring.

Thank you in advance for all of your support!

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