Weigh Ins/Early Weigh Ins

As a reminder, mandatory weigh ins are on Saturday, August 6th (Time TBD). Every player will need to attend in order to be certified to our roster.

If you will be on vacation or otherwise unable to attend on August 6th, early weigh ins are this Saturday, July 30th at 10:00 am at Royal High School in Simi Valley. Below are the athletes who have requested early weigh in:

  • Jacob Acquino – Senior
  • Zeke Goldberg – Juniorย 
  • Jacob Hernandez – Junior
  • Evan Hunt – MM – Grey
  • Demsey Jackson – MM – Red
  • Rohman Lee – MM – Grey
  • Vladimir Moran – MM – Grey
  • Kai Montgomery – Junior
  • Luke Ostick – MM – Red
  • Raymond Rivera – Bantam
  • Aaron Rodriguez – Bantamย 
  • Ayden Safi – Bantam

Please note, as a club we are limited to 10 athletes attending early weigh ins. Anyone not on this list is expected to attend weigh ins on August 6th.

3 thoughts on “Weigh Ins/Early Weigh Ins

  1. Adreena,

    I would like to request an early weigh in for Sam Damico this Saturday at 10:00am.

    Please confirm you got this.

    Thank you.


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