8/6/22 – PARENT Update

Hello everyone –

I wanted to drop a quick update of what’s going on.

Registration is officially closed!  We have 155 athletes this year across 7 teams – which is our biggest year yet!  In about an hour, all the team managers will head to book certification so we won’t be at practice tonight.  Thank you for getting us all the documents we’ve requested.

There are about 10 kids that still need to be fitted with equipment.  Our helmets are due back to us on Friday so we will begin full padded practice on Monday. 

Anyone who has a black helmet or needs their helmet painted they need to be labeled with your name on the inside and turned in at the end of practice tomorrow so they can be painted over the weekend.  If you do not turn your helmet in tomorrow, it will not be painted.

We will pass out practice jerseys tomorrow and there will be no practice on Friday. 

Jamborees are on August 20th – so we have plenty of time go get these kids ready.

Thank you for being so patient while we deal with a national equipment shortage on top of the huge increase in athletes. 

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