Invitational – Day 2

Everyone should be so proud of themselves – today was a great day on the track.  Our team did so well. Results for today’s meet can be found at  

Tomorrow we will run the remaining events and below are the kids who will need to show up to run the finals in their event.  

GB – 4×1

Justus Small

Syir Payne

Cason Aguado

Oliver Weinberg

GB – 4×1 B

Nathaniel Lopez

Mateo Nasheed

Isaiah Morazan

Emir Butler

BG – 4×1 A

Amara Wilson

Malia Lopez

Alianna Glass

Chloe Mitchell

BG – 4×1 B

Mariyah Askew

Leticia Torres

Kaia Parra

Capua Chandler

BB – 4×1 C

Kaiden Stanley

CJ Morgan

Brandon Diaz

Xavier Hollie

BB – 4×1 B

Troy Sanders

Michael Buscemi

Donovan Slack

Dean Patterson

MG – 4×1 A

Peyton Haynes

Paidyn Morgan

Leticia T.

Saige Austin

MB – 4×1 A

Jonathan Parra

Pete Buscemi

Howard Cross

Osasumwen Aimisu

MB – 4×1 B

Jaycoby Carter

Donoven Franklin

Max Looney

Greyson Watford

YG – 4×1 A

Myloren Jordan

Madison Griggs

Chase Kelly

Coco Mitchell

SGG 100 Finals

Mia Amor Bell

Layla Lopez

Celyse Parker

SGB 100 Finals

Rylan Morgan

Angelo Pineda

GG 100 Finals

Skyler Stanley

Cali Hyde

Jianna Waters

Janae Johnson

GB 100 Finals

Justus Small

Cason Aguado

BG 100 Finals


BB 100 Finals

Colton Wills

Alex Estrada

MG 100 Finals


MB 100 Finals

Jonathan Parra

Osa Aimisu

YG 100 Finals

Madison Griggs

YB 100 Finals

Tabary McKnight

Pharrell Stanley

Raphael Graham

Please arrive by 8 am and bring the same competitor bib that you received today. As a reminder, athletes are allowed to compete in a maximum of 2 individual events and 1 relay. Participating in the finals does not count as a separate event.  

Thank you guys and see you tomorrow!

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