Week 5 vs Santa Clarita Storm and Bears


Our meet on Saturday will take place at Castaic High School against the Santa Clarita Storm and NV Golden Bears. Castaic is located at 31575 Valley Creek Road, Castaic 91384.

Please arrive by 7:30 am.

This is our last home meet and we will need all hands on deck to make the meet move timely. Please sign up for both a volunteer assignment and an item to sell at the snack bar.  Please note that we can only sell pre-packaged items so we will be limited to drinks, candy, fruit snacks etc.  

Snack Bar Sign Uphttps://signup.com/go/QcaPxen

Volunteer Duty Sign Uphttps://signup.com/go/WYkvbPX

I will keep the same assignments as last week – please update your assignment if your availability has changed.

Popcorn Fundraiser
We will be doing a popcorn fundraiser beginning April 19th – April 23rd.  With this fundraiser, we are aiming to raise enough to purchase a timing system….details to follow.

Please see below for details about the school:

1. There are NO dogs allowed anywhere on the campus 

2. No Shelled nuts or gum on Campus 

3. Athletes will need to be walked to the restrooms by parents, as there were some issues last week and the school has asked that all athletes be monitored at the restroom.  400 building bathrooms will be open. 

4. There are not a lot of bleachers so bring lawn chairs and/or blankets.

5. Spikes are 3/16 pyramid only

6. No smoking or vaping of any products on campus, parking lot included

7 Warm up will be on the infield.

8. Set up 7:00 am

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