Let’s Get It Poppin’

Dear #RushFam, 

It’s time for our annual fundraiser! I promise this is a way for Rush to earn a lot money, with minimal effort on your part. 

All purchases are made online via credit card and it comes in 12 delicious flavors, shipped directly to our supporters.   The fundraiser is only 4 days ( 5:00 pm today, April 19th – 5:00 pm April 23rd) and Rush gets 50% of the profit from everything we sell!  Proceeds raised will be used to purchase a timing system for our organization!

Just follow these steps to get started: 

1.  Download the Double Good app here: https://dgpopup.app.link/WwLi2FmtMP

2.  Create a pop-up store using the Rush Code UWPNQI

3.  Share the pop-up like with family and friends.  

4.  Encourage family and friends to buy between April 19th and April 23rd.  

As an incentive, the athlete in each division who sells the most popcorn (with a minimum of $300) will get $100 cash !! 

Remember, we only have 4 days from the time the event starts…so be sure to get the word out to family and friends right away.   If you need help setting up the app, Poppy will be able to assist at today’s practice.

100% percent participation is appreciated!  

Let’s Get It Poppin!!! 

100% Online
No need to ring doorbells or collect money. Purchases are made online via credit card from each participant’s Pop-Up Store. 
50% Profit
No fees. No minimums. You earn 50% of what you sell. On average each participant sells $300 but we are asking each athlete to set a goal of $1,000.
Zero Product to Handle
Popcorn is made to order and ships to the doorstep of supporters, anywhere in the USA.

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